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Detail of Services

Comprehensive US Federal & State Trademark Research & Analysis; Comprehensive US National Common-Law Research & Analysis. Up to 3 Names, Slogans or Logos Researched, to reach one clear name.

Competitive Checks into any Conflicts or Similarities found in the research AND in monthly monitoring.

Trademark Attorney to discuss any Conflicts or Similarities. One of our 3 attorneys will help you decide if you should move forward with your trademarkor not.

Trademark Application Preparation & Submission. State or Federal.

Trademark & Common Law Monitoring for 120 months, in 6 month increments. We report to you every month.

Trademark Sections 8 & 15 Preparation & Submission – Done between the 5th and 6th year.

Trademark Sections 8 & 9 Preparation & Submission – Done between the 9th and 10th year.

Payment Breakdown:
$ 875
To Establish Trademark - Up to 3 Marks Comprehensively Researched for 1 Clear Name. Analysis. Competitive Checks. Attorney Advice. USPTO Filing.
$ 500
To Monitor and Protect Trademark - Every 6 Months. Competitive Checks. Attorney Advice.
Total Order*
       *Please be aware USPTO fees are not included in Decade Trademark's fees, including:
USPTO Application filing fee: $325 per class.
5th year renewal fees: Section 8 $100 + Section 15 $200 = $300 per class.
10th year renewal fees: Section 8 $100 + Section 9 $400 = $500 per class.

Attorney advice limited to 20-minute phone consultation per event, as needed.

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